Electronic Pipe Reviews

I have now bought two pipes from Mycroft and they are both magnificent.
His conversion of top-end tobacco pipes to vaping is top notch as is
his use of quality and reliable components. They really reproduce the
feel of ‘proper’ pipe smoking whist minimising the formers risk to
My first pipe is still going strong after 2 years and still on the
first rechargeable battery despite frequent use and with the knowledge
that Mycroft will service/replace the (embedded) battery when
Mycroft is a total gentleman who takes aftersales customer care and
his guarantee most seriously.
I can highly recommend him and his product for those moving away from
tobacco pipes and who wish to keep an authentic pipe experience.

My pipe is my most prized vaping possession. When I thought the battery wouldn’t charge I returned it (after being reminded by Mycroft that it was still in warranty). It turned out not to be the battery but the charger which was replaced at no cost and the pipe returned cleaned and polished and ready for continued contented vaping … Now that’s what I call customer service!

Well it’s been 3 months since purchasing possibly the best piece of vaping equipment I’ve ever owned – the John Aylesbury straight shaft e-pipe as converted by your good self.
An excellent e-pipe and fantastic service. Cannot spread the word enough !
Awaiting your next batch as I am wanting to acquire another this year.

I just had to write to say HOW much I am enjoying the latest pipe I
I have several pipes now of yours and enjoy them all but this one just
‘fits’ me like a glove. It is a FANTASTIC pipe and the quality of your
conversion in just amazing and has become my favourite (until no doubt
my next purchase form you!)
Many many thanks Mycroft.
And to any out there thinking of buying one of your pipes…… STOP

I’m glad to report that a truly beautiful e-pipe arrived here in Frankfurt today. I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s even more beautiful than the Peterson I previously bought. You have done an absolutely fantastic job of the conversion – the ProTank looks like it was made especially to fit the pipe. Your craftsmanship really is superb – thank you!

Just FYI, I’m glad you’d protected everything so well. The packaging had obviously taken quite a battering in transit, but everything inside was in pristine condition.

Dear Mr Milverton

My girlfriend brought me the Eriksen pipe for Christmas, it had been
book marked for a while, having seen one purchased [by a colleague – personal details edited] in the office recently.

I am overjoyed with the pipe. It looks beautiful. Holds well. My
father and his friend, both gun smiths, revelled at the wood markings.
It is a fine piece of work for sure.

For the vapers, it produces a lovely vape,… plumes. I’ve been
wandering London town today and a fair few people have asked about it
– full details and www have been given!


Thank you for your fine work sir!

Awesome !!! great quality pipe with fast delivery ‘vapes’ amazing with pipe sauce long bottom leaf

My Ropp DE LUX arrived today, and I am totally in love with it.
The vape is amazing, and holding it is a pure joy.
ever had, and I do not say that lightly.
I have had so many questions today in the shop, and people wanting to try it.
Thank you for a superb pipe.

I have not been able to put it down, and it is without a shadow of a doubt the most excellent bit of vaping kit I have

Bought my Peterson conversion from Mycroft. Service started out excellently as Hungary was not originally on the list of countries to ship to, but a quick email exchange fixed that very, very quickly.

The pipe is beautiful and works like a dream. I particularly like the fixed battery and ability to just plug it into a standard e-cigarette charger. This saves me the expense of additional batteries and worrying about the quality of battery and charger.

The ability to use 501 or ego atomisers gives me the option to try out different attachments and quickly swap between flavours. I am using a 1.8 ohm coil and it gives me as much vape and flavour as any other mod that I have tried.

I really like the knucklehead drip tip and if had one extra wish, it would be a flat mouthpiece on a swivel head – unfortunately these don’t appear to exist yet (hoping that a manufacturer realises how good these would be for e-pipes)

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to many evenings vaping on this beautiful and functional piece of kit.

Just received my Ogdens Pipe from Mycroft. Its just brilliant. Looks the business and feels even better. A quality item that I hope to enjoy for years to come. Cheers Mycroft.

I bought my pipe from Mycroft earlier this year. Stylish, cultured and sophisticated, and the pipe is fantastic too! I had barely smoked an e-cigarette before purchasing and was a confirmed smoker. I haven’t smoked an analogue since, best thing i’ve bought since that first packet of B&H all those years ago.

1st pipe arrived today! Excellent quality, super fast delivery! I’m very happy! Feels solid and well built, looks amazing! Thanks very much

Mycroft you are a genius!!
Have had my pipe for a couple of days now, and it has hardly been put
down. Everything about it is fantastic it “vapes” wonderfully and
looks entirely authentic.
Wonderfull work will definitely be back.

I purchased my Briarwood E-pipe from Mycroft late last year and have been using it for several months now, and I can say hand on heart that I am immensely pleased with the look, the build quality and especially the performance.
After having tried no less than six of the extremely poorly made electronic pipes mass produced in china and sold by many UK and US vendors, I am happy to report that I have found a product which performs beautifully.

It is quite simply a pleasure to use, it produces a good amount of vapour, is easy to care for, and been made from an antique Dunhill Briar wood estate pipe, it is extremely stylish and attractive.

Every aspect of dealing with Mycroft has been a pleasure; he is true gentleman who cares not just about his products but also, the needs of his customers.

If you are new to vaping, or you have been vaping for a few years, I urge you to look through the reviews on Mycroft’s website, browse the products for sale, and if you haven’t done so yet, treat yourself to one of Mycroft Milverton’s marvellous e-pipes!

Thank you Mycroft!

Just received my pipe this morning and its already an invaluable prop that will be by my side for a long time.
I like plenty of vape and a good throat hit and this pipe provides me with both as well as looking great.
I’ve got a couple of pipes from other suppliers and neither come anywhere near to this.

Mycroft is a great e-pipe crafter ! I ordered mine a few weeks ago and it’s an outstanding pipe ! I received it here in Paris 3 days afrer my order. Mycroft was very helpfull and generous.
The pipe is vaping like a charm, easy to use, very elegant and sturdy.
If you’re looking for an epipe this is here !
I’m still checking this site, i know i would affoard my self another one !
Enjoy your vaping experience, make it magnificent !

From a very satisfied customer, the pipe arrived on time as promised and I have been using it for over a week, with great enjoyment. I had forgotten how relaxing a pipe can be after giving up my old Falcon pipe

Many thanks….. Just enjoying the pipe so much……

Was looking for a e pipe but everything on offer where shop bought kits. This handmade e pipe is so unique being made by mycroft. I can’t praise it enough. The quality of build and performance is second to none!

I now have this pipe and wow craftmanship is excellent many thanks, really nice vape by the way… Love your pipes. Yea nice pipe, vapes really nicely too.. i will deff buy again from you.. excellent craftmanship and excellent first class service, super quick and I do love you work.. excellent, i would recommend your pipes to anyone..

An absolutely beautiful pipe… It’s precisely what I was looking for. When I got this pipe the pictures couldn’t have done it justice. The build quality, the feel, the weight, all just perfect. Then of course there’s the taste- perfect. A powerful, consistent ‘vape’. The battery life’s great too; I use it all day and evening off one charge for a few hours while I’m asleep at night.
What’s more, as a novice ‘vaper’, Mycroft has been an absolute gent in showing me the ropes of using such an instrument.
I’m so glad I bought this pipe. I love it… It’s unique, a talking point with most people I meet and I get to act like an Edwardian gent daily!

Puffing away happily on my new pipe. Cheers Mycroft, it’s brilliant!

Really love it – you’ve done a grand job! Really delighted with the pipe – which is all the better for for being the Stefano – & your service, I’m on with a 30:70 blend of cherry & uk tobacco to start off with.

I really love it! I’ve had chance to properly look at it and appreciate it, it’s great! I’m someone who really appreciates quality and your products certainly are that. You’re a gent too so that gave piece of mind. It was clear in your quality correspondence. It feels like each pipe is lovingly made by a wacky but genius professor type… Almost like some teacher from Hogwarts! It’s very saleable as it adds pazazz to the buying. Your pipes are great. The quality’s fantastic.

Have to repeat this, everyone loves this pipe, even those who haven’t come across vaping before and are slightly horrified at the sight of something that looks more like Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver. This is also by far my favorite device to hold in my hand and to use, just for the sensory satisfaction in my hands. The shape and feel of your ePipe is strangely comforting, unlike the other many PVs.

I love the pipe you made it feels great and i check your page every day i would like to buy another one well never known a pipe smoker with only one pipe.

your creation arrived and I can confirm that it performs superbly. i’m very happy and completely satisfied !!

The Meerschaum is coming along splendidly